Inter-library Loan Service

What is an inter-library loan?

An inter-library loan is an item obtained from within WA that is unavailable from our own local collections at South Perth and Manning Library. These resources belong to the State Library.

Since 1 July 2017, the following inter-library lending changes for WA Public Libraries are being trialled until further notice:

·        There will be no inter-library lending of any fiction item for 12 months from the accession date of the item, ie; the date of arrival at the library.  This applies to fiction in all formats; books/DVDs/talking books, etc. for both metropolitan and country libraries.
·        Customers from metropolitan libraries will have access to a total of *12 inter-library loans per member per annum.
·        Customers from country libraries will have access to a total of 24 inter-library loans per member per annum.
·        If an external loan (from outside the WA public library system) is requested by a library customer, a fee will be charged.

·        Library members are encouraged to access titles in all available formats (including electronic) before requesting a hard-copy inter-library loan.
·        Book club items will not be supplied via the ILLs system.  This applies to both metropolitan and country libraries.

*South Perth Library members' inter-library loan quotas will reset on July 1 2018. Each member will be allowed up to 12 inter-library loan requests free of charge each year. Fees will apply for any additional inter-library loan requests if the quota of 12 is reached before the end of the financial year in 2019. Uncollected inter-library loan requests that exceed the annual quota will still attract a fee. Please check the Fees and Charges schedule for 2018/2019 from July 1 2018 on the library website for updates on the prescribed fee.   

All other Library services will continue as normal.

Is there any other way I can borrow items from other libraries?

Yes. You can join and borrow directly from any public library in Western Australia subject to their membership conditions.  You can also borrow from other Public Libraries within the state of Western Australia. Take a look at the State Library of Western Australia's online catalogue, or please ask one of the helpful staff if you have further questions.