Inter-library Loan Service

What is an inter-library loan?

An inter-library loan is an item obtained from within WA that is unavailable from our own local collections at South Perth and Manning Library. These resources belong to the State Library.

From 1 September 2018, inter-library lending restrictions will be implemented for the following WA Public Library items:

  • Items with an accession date 12 months or under, ie; the date of arrival at the library - this includes all categories and formats including fiction and non-fiction for both metropolitan and country libraries
  • Junior items
  • Young adult items (see exceptions list below)
  • DVDs (see exceptions list below)
  • Audio (see exceptions list below)

Book club items will not be supplied via the ILLs system.  This applies to both metropolitan and country libraries.
Library members are encouraged to access titles in all available formats (including electronic) before requesting a hard-copy inter-library loan.


Exceptions will apply for loans to library members with special needs or where the cost of purchase of an item exceeds the reasonable cost of the inter-library loan itself. Exceptions will apply as follows:

Graphic novels

YA and Adult Graphic Novels from series where cost and space would make it prohibitive for libraries to hold complete series.


Required for education purposes and not available for purchase.

DVD series where extensiveness of series is cost-prohibitive.

Special needs

  • Supply of Large Print and Audio for housebound customers
  • Access to information for people with disabilities in a format that will enable them to access the information as readily as other people are able to access it, as per the Disability Service Regulation 2004: Western Australian Legislation
  • Access to information for people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds - this includes access to all LOTE materials regardless of age, as per the Multicultural statement, Multicultural Australia - united, strong and successful: Department of Home Affairs

External Loans

No fees wil be charged to library members for external loans.
Conditions may be placed on external loans ie; Library Use only, if prior to making a request you state that a conditional loan will not suit, please specify “loan only”.
Newspapers on microfilm may be supplied on External loan which may be viewed on the State Library's microfilm reader.

Criteria for external loan

  • Content must be substantial. The State Library does not supply external loans of a light nature that may be covered extensively by other books in public library stock such as the paranormal, sewing, sport, cooking, gardening, arts and craft, hobbies, or light fiction.
  • It is not student text or student reading.
  • It is not a vehicle workshop manual.
  • It is not genealogical material
  • It is not in a format that is unlikely to be lent i.e. a journal, newspaper, standard, patent, map, print, DVD, CD Rom or picture.
  • It is out of print.
  • External loan of fiction and junior items are considered when they are:

          a) Needed for research and study purposes

        b) Part of a series

         c) Considered classic fiction

        d) Considered historical fiction

         e) Of a subject matter that is substantial, not what is considered 'light fiction'


All other Library services will continue as normal.

Is there any other way I can borrow items from other libraries?

Yes, you may join and borrow directly from any public library in Western Australia subject to their membership conditions.