The Other Zoo Mural Project

The concept for the children’s mural at South Perth Library was to create “The Other Zoo” – a child-friendly area for children and parents to enjoy.

As a distinguishing landmark of the City of South Perth, the Perth Zoo was the inspiration for this project. The design incorporates a variety of animals that children would traditionally associate as zoo animals, as well as a few surprises.  

The artist explored the idea of an encounter between animals and literature. Why would animals go to the library? And what would they do when they got there?

An elephant made of leaves, a family of owls and some cheeky penguins are just a few of the images that come to life in the mural. The colour palette is subdued yet vibrant and the hand-drawn effect is appealing for young children.

The scattered lettering throughout resemble leaves rustling through the mural and is an interactive element that parents and children can enjoy together as they spell out words and names. The result is a warm and cosy space that is inviting and fun.

About the Artist

Chris Nixon is an illustrator and designer based in Perth. His work is influenced by surf, skate, music and contemporary pop culture with an emphasis on the hand-drawn form. Accompanying his commercial work, Nixon has created several large-scale artworks that have been installed around the state.

In addition to his commercial illustration, Nixon has been published extensively in several children’s books including his internationally acclaimed work on the Jake Series which has been published across several continents and languages.