Coming soon: South Perth Library to offer 100% self-loan service

By the end of June 2018, South Perth Library will offer a 100% self-check service. This will bring South Perth in line with Manning Library's service, that has operated 100% self-check since its reopening in early 2017.

Three user-friendly, touch-screen self-loan stations will be relocated to a centralised position in front of the service desk at South Perth Library. 

If you have never used the self-check stations before, or are visiting South Perth or Manning Library for the first time, a staff member will be close by and is more than happy to guide you through the process.



I don't have my library card, but I have my driver's license/other photo ID. Will I be able to use that to borrow?

The self-check kiosks require your library card to borrow because they scan the barcode, so you will need your library card or virtual equivalent. If you don't have your library card, you may reserve items to collect next time you attend the library with your card.

Is there another way I can store my barcode so that I don't always have to bring my card with me?

Yes, you can save your library card to your smartphone. We recommend downloading the free app 'Stocard' to facilitate this. If you need help, please ask a staff member for assistance.

Won't this put you out of a job?

You are actually helping us out: We have lots of community services and programs to work on, plus getting all those lovely books ready for loan takes time! The self-check stations assist us to deliver the best service we can.


Self loan kiosk Manning


Inter-Library Loans

South Perth Library members' inter-library loan quotas will reset on July 1 2018.

Each member will be allowed up to 12 inter-library loan requests free of charge each year. Fees will apply for any additional inter-library loan requests if the quota of 12 is reached before the end of financial year in June 2019. Uncollected inter-library loan requests that exceed the annual quota will still attract a fee.

Please visit the Inter-Library Loans page for more information.